The Enemies of Our Salvation

Very simply, Friar Raul de Lima Sertã warns about the risks of losing his soul.


The wonderful episodes of Fatima

Revisiting the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, from the perspective of that time.


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Let us have compassion on the poor souls!

Mons. Ascânio Brandão presented us with this excellent treasure over the souls of Purgatory. Those who once were need us!


The Purgatory Manuscript

Here is a revealing document about Purgatory!


Letter from Beyond!

What causes a soul to lose eternal life? The Beyond Letter answers this question very clearly. It would be good for everyone to read this document.


The three dreams!

Monsignor Eymard L'E's three dreams. Monteiro.

In these dreams he visits and describes in detail Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.



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How to install Delinux from Windows

With this tutorial will be a breeze for Windows users install Delinux!


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Snapping text to path in Inkscape

Learn how to get around shapes with text in Inkscape, the free vector editor. It is included in the Delinux distribution.


tecnologia educação |

New version of the free Delinux operating system is released!

DelinuxEdu version 07.1 available for download!


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Delinux Edu the latest version of Delinux!

Confirmed the first bugs, made the corrections. Now more stable and intuitive.


tecnologia educação |

Delinux Linux for telecenters and everyday!

Delinux is a Brazilian Linux distribution, developed for Education. It is indicated to reactivate the school laboratories and also for everyday use!


Save your soul!

better than hit the lottery, is to read this secret I'll tell you!


The exploration of naivete

It is normal for people to repeat phrases made without paying attention to their meaning.


The profession of faith!

This book should be one of the bedside books of all those who profess the Catholic faith!